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Nerp Derp
14 years old: I'm young but I know what I want. This isn't that hard, I'm all grown up already and have everything figured out.
17 years old: Well, this is a little harder than I thought. School is almost ending. What am I going to do with my life?
21 years old: What the fuck is going on? Where are my socks?




In honor of national dog day, here’s a vid of my sister’s dog Buddy struggling to get inside. Hahahaha.

buddy does not know

i love this dog

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Love foxes

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kat dennings looks eerily like an ex friend of mine who was grossly manipulative and literally lied to me and my current best friend to keep each other from being friends

and basically tried to keep her to herself by isolating her from everybody and telling her awful made up shit about everybody else

im sure kat dennings is lovely but yeesh i can’t loo kat her without awful memories


every time people don’t understand why hercules, a movie about GODS, has GOSPEL style music, i just kind of shake my head

"why not use greek music tho??????" 

shut up for heaven’s sake 


the really shitty thing about being told that youre smart your whole entire life is that as soon as you dont understand something you just kind of completely shut down and his this big shitty crisis because maybe youre not as smart as youve always been told 

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This is beautiful. And on the topic of sleepovers and kids getting stuck in uncomfortable situations: My mom and I had a code, ever since my first sleepover. I would always call home to say goodnight, and if I asked “How is the cat doing?”, it meant that I wasn’t comfortable and I wanted her to pick me up. I did use this code a few times, and whenever I did, my mom came up with the excuses for me. I was never stuck at a sleepover I didn’t want to be at - and as a child with anxiety and social phobia, this was a great system.

posts like these are the reason i love tumblr

Once, I was at a friend’s birthday party, and they began to play strip poker and 7 minutes in heaven and immature stuff like that. I am the biggest virgin that you’ve ever known, so I pretended like my phone was vibrating, punched in my mom’s speed dial, and when she answered, I said “Hey mom, whatcha need? *Pause* oh, okay. So I have to come home now? Yeah, sorry, I’ll clean my room right when I get there. *pause* ten minutes? Okay, that works. See ya.” and she understood exactly what I wanted, and she came and picked me up, and even scolded me in front of my friends for ‘not cleaning my room’. I’ve used this so many times, it isn’t funny. My mom is so understanding each time.

And now I must hug my mother and post 5 million mom appreciation posts.

(hugs this)

My parents are fantastic and have always told me “you can use us as an excuse for ANYTHING” even nowadays haha.

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All white Ibizan Hound

Ibizans are so pretty guh 

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transparent brownisaur, strawmander, and squirpie for your blog 

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